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“……it could be argued quite reasonably that the distinguished heritage of classical calligraphy in China emanates from a woman, Madam Wei, or Wei Shuo (272–349), who was the teacher of Wang Hsi­chih (307–365), the ‘’Prince of Calligraphers.” That the Chinese were subsequently troubled by this relationship is clear from the…

  1. Yet as Peter Katzenstein argues in more detail, a price has been paid. In particular, there is too little emphasis on how ‘interests’ are constructed — how the ideas that people have in their heads, and that they share collectively, affect their preferences. OEP is, to my mind, too materialistic…

Kvale (1996) has proposed a very useful list of ten criteria of a successful interviewer.

  1. Knowledgeable: is thoroughly familiar with the focus of the interview; pilot interviews of the kind used in survey interviewing can be useful here.
  2. Structuring: gives purpose for interview; rounds it off; asks whether interviewee has…

“Two basic assumptions about the nature of private life were embedded in texts on Communist morality and in didactic materials about family and domestic life. First, theorists and moralists assumed psychological simplicity and harmony, taking for granted that personal relationships were straightforward and that once people understood how to conduct…

‘Pasternak’s novel is a political lampoon, and a lampoon is not literature. You can din a brush in tar and daub a thick coat of it on a fence, but this is not art-tar is not paint and a tar brush is not an artist’s brush. Pasternak’s novel is reactionary journalism of a low order in the guise of literary work.’

I totally understand this…In a similar way, Liu XiaoBo……

After all, Solzhenitsyn’s One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich was published in Novyi mir, which not only provoked excited debate between liberals and conservatives but even disturbs readers who embraced the de-Stalinism rhetoric of the Twenty-Second Party Congress.

  1. Aleksander Mosolov
  2. Boris Ivanovitch Fomin
  3. Grigory Aleksandrov, ‘The Radiant Path’, 1940 (Women Emancipation in the early Soviet)
  4. Alexander Deineka, a famous socialist realist painter, sometimes I need hopeful, cheerful illusions to survive
  5. Dmitri Shostakovich, ‘Suite from Lady Macbeth of Mtsenk’, 1934
  6. During The Thaw, attitudes changing revealed by movies: Mikhail Kalatozov, ‘The Cranes are Flying’, 1957 / Andrei Tarkovsky, ‘Ivan’s Childhood’, 1962
  7. Mikhail Kalatozov, ‘I am Cuba’, 1964
  8. Vladimir Vysotsky, ‘Utrenniaia Gimnastika’ (Morning Gymnastics), 1980. This is one of his more humorous, comic songs.
  9. Arvo Part, 1978, Spiegek im Spieget
  10. All about the Gulag W9L2 last 10 minitues

  1. The vulnerability of young women is suggested by the fact that in the earliest protoliterate tables, the sign for ‘slave girl’ appeared before the word for ‘slave’, which in ancient Sumerian meant ‘male (or female) of a foreign country’.
  2. Today, however, we automatically contrast slavery with free wage labour or…

Love Sergei Prokofiev 🥰

Hello Medium!

I feel extremely lonely and unaccountably sad. October is indeed dangerous for mood……However, every time my friends ask me to go out or start a video session, I react like “leave me alone”…….I deserve the loneliness……

Anyway, I just decided to start this light blogging partly to relieve my sense of loss even though I myself is the only one in the audience.

Elen Sila


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